Oh, that’s too bad.:”a-sore wa zan’nen” Japanese Phrase #119


Oh, that’s too bad.:“a-sore wa zan’nen” Japanese Phrase #119

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “あー、それは残念ざんねん(a-sore wa zan’nen)” mean?Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

あー、それは残念ざんねん!(a-sore wa zan’nen)

Oh, that’s too bad! / 啊ー真可惜! / 아, 유감이다! / Vậy thì đáng tiếc quá!

When you feel sympathy about a problem, you would be able to use “あー、それは残念ざんねん!(a-sore wa zan’nen)” which means “Oh, that’s too bad!”. The polite way to use it is “それは残念ざんねんですね。(a-sore wa zan’nen desu ne)”. By saying it, you could show your concern.

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Sample 1


昨日きのう友達ともだちえなかったんだ。 (I couldn’t see my friend yesterday.) (我昨天没见到我的朋友。) (어제 친구랑 못 만났어.) (Hôm qua tôi đã không thể gặp bạn của tôi!) (kinō, tomodachi ni ae nakatta nda.)


あー、それは残念ざんねんだね。でも、なんで? (Oh, that’s too bad. But why?) (啊ー真可惜。可为什么呢?) (아, 유감이네. 근데 왜?) (Vậy thì đáng tiếc quá. Nhưng tại sao thế?) (a-, sore wa zan’nen dane. demo, nande?)


おそくまではたらかなきゃいけなかったみたい。 (It seems like she had to work late.) (因为他好像必须工作到很晚。) (늦게까지 일이 있었던 것 같아.) (Có vẻ bạn đã phải làm việc tới khuya à.) (osoku made hataraka nakya ikenakatta mitai.)

Sample 2


テストにちちゃった。 (I failed the test.) (我落榜了。) (시험 떨어졌어.) (Bài thi tớ bị hỏng mất rồi.) (tesuto ni ochi chatta.)


あー、それは残念ざんねんだね。 (Oh, that’s too bad.) (啊ー那真可惜呢。) (아, 안타깝게 됐다) (Vậy thì đáng tiếc quá!) (a-, sore wa zan’nen dane.)


うん、ありがとう。つぎ頑張がんばる。 (Thank you. I’ll try my best next time!) (嗯,谢谢。下次我会更努力的。) (응, 고마워. 다음엔 더 잘 해야지.) (Ừm, cảm ơn cậu.lần tới tớ sẽ cố gắng.) (un, arigatō. tsugi wa ganbaru.)

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