I feel dizzy!:”atama ga kurakura suru!” Japanese Phrase #127


I feel dizzy!:“atama ga kurakura suru!” Japanese Phrase #127

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あたまがクラクラする!(atama ga kurakura suru)

I feel dizzy! / 头晕目眩! / 머리가 어지럽다! / Đầu tôi đang quay quay!

When you feel as if everything is turning around, and that you are not able to balance and may fall down, you would be able to use “あたまがクラクラする!(atama ga kurakura suru)” which means “I feel dizzy!”. The polite way to use it is “めまいがします!(memai ga shimasu)”. Everybody could use this.

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Sample 1


なんか具合悪ぐあいわるそうだね。大丈夫だいじょうぶ (You don’t look so good. Are you okay?) (你看起来不太舒服,还好吗?) (왠지 상태 안 좋아 보이는데, 괜찮아?) (Sao bạn trông có vẻ không được khỏe. Bạn có sao không?) (nanka guai warusō dane. daijōbu?)


あたまがクラクラするの。 (I feel dizzy.) (我觉得头晕目眩。) (머리가 어지러워.) (Đầu tôi quay quay nè.) (atama ga kurakura suru no.)


病院行びょういんいく? (Are you going to the doctor?) (你要去趟医院吗?) (병원 갈래?) (Đi bệnh viện không?) (byōin iku?)

Sample 2


今日きょう顔色良かおいろよくないね。大丈夫だいじょうぶ (You don’t look well today, are you Ok?) (今天你脸色看起来不太好。还好吗?) (오늘 안색이 안좋네, 괜찮아?) (Hôm nay thấy sắc mặt bạn kém nhỉ.Có sao không vậy?) (kyō, kaoiro yokunai ne. daijōbu?)


あたまがクラクラするよ。 (I feel dizzy.) (我感到头晕目眩的。) (머리가 어질어질하다.) (Đầu tôi quay quay á.) (atama ga kurakura suru yo.)


水飲みずのむ? (Do you want to drink water?) (要不要喝点水?) (물 마실래?) (Uống nước không?) (mizu nomu?)

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