Sorry! I already have plans!:”gomen! sudeni yotei ga haitteru!” Japanese Phrase #86


Sorry! I already have plans!:“gomen! sudeni yotei ga haitteru!” Japanese Phrase #86

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “ごめん!すでに予定よていはいってる!(gomen sudeni yotei ga haitteru)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

ごめん!すでに予定よていはいってる!(gomen! sudeni yotei ga haitteru)

Sorry! I already have plans! / 抱歉!已经有其他计划了! / 미안! 이미 약속이 있어! / Xin lỗi! Đã có kế hoạch rồi!

Although your friends ask you out to drink or something, you already have plans. In that case, you would be able to use “ごめん!すでに予定よていはいってる!(gomen! sudeni yotei ga haitteru)” that is casual and which means “Sorry! I already have plans!”. “すいません!すでに予定よていはいっています!(suimasen! sudeni yotei ga haitte masu!)” is formal.

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Sample 1


今晩こんばんみにこうよ! (Let’s go for a drink tonight!) (优香,今晚一起去喝酒吧!) (오늘 밤 한 잔 하러 가자!) (Tối nay cùng đi tiệc nhậu nha!) (konban, nomi ni ikou yo!)


ごめん!すでに予定よていはいってるの! (Sorry! I already have plans!) (抱歉!已经有其他计划了!) (미안! 이미 약속이 있어!) (Xin lỗi! Tớ đã có kế hoạch mất rồi!) (gomen! sude yotei ga haitteru no!)


えぇー!?・・来週らいしゅうはどう? (Oh my… What about next week?) (欸欸ー!?・・那下周怎么样?) (이런~?! 다음주는 어때?) (Thiệt hả? Tuần sau thì sao?) (e-!? raishū wa dō?)

Sample 2


明日あした映画見えいがみこうよ! (Wanna go to go to the movies tomorrow?) (我们明天去看电影吧!) (내일 영화 보러 가자!) (Ngày mai đi xem phim đi!) (ashita eiga mi ni ikou yo!)


ごめん!すでに予定よていはいってるんだ! (Sorry! I already have plans!) (抱歉!已经有其他计划了!) (미안! 이미 약속이 있어!) (Em xin lỗi ,em đã có lịch bận mất rồi!) (gomen! sudeni yotei ga haitteru nda!)


そうなんだ。ぎゃくにいついてるの? (I see. When are you free?) (我知道了。那你什么时候有空?) (그렇구나. 그럼 반대로 빈 날은 언제야?) (Vậy à.Vậy khi nào em rảnh đó ?) (sōna nda. gyaku ni itsu aiteru no?)

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