I was put off by ___!:”___ni hiku wa!” Japanese Phrase #84


I was put off by ___!:“___ni hiku wa!” Japanese Phrase #84

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “___にくわー!(ni hiku wa)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

___にくわー! (ni hiku wa)

I was put off by ___! / ___真难想像耶! / ___에 완전 깬다! / Khó tin quá!

When things make you dislike something or someone, you would be able to use “___にくわー!(___ni hiku wa)” which means “I was put off by ___!” or just “くわー!(hiku wa-)” which native speakers prefer. This word is so casual and ordinally has bad meanings, however, “くわー!” is one of the kidding words which sounds friendly and the Japanese tend to use it in-jokes.

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Sample 1


レイが友達ともだちから携帯盗けいたいぬすんだらしいよ! (I’ve heard that Ray stole a cellphone from his friends.) (听说连偷了朋友的手机!) (레이가 친구 휴대폰 훔쳐갔대!) (Nghe đồn Rei đã lấy cắp điện thoại của bạn bè đó!) (Rei ga tomodachi kara keitai nusunda rashī yo!)


くんだけどー! (I was put off by his act!) (真难想像耶!) (완전 깬다!) (Khó tin quá nhưng…!) (hiku ndakedo-!)


だね! (I agree!) (就是说呢!) (그치!) (Ừ khó tin nhỉ!) (dane!)

Sample 2


昨日きのう、おとうさんとべにったんだ! (I ate out with my dad yesterday!) (我昨天和父亲一起去吃饭!) (어제 아빠랑 밥 먹으러 갔었어!) (Tôi đã đi ăn với cha tôi ngày hôm qua!) (kinō, otōsan to tabe ni itta nda!)


くわー!わら (I was put off by your act!) (真难想像耶!(笑) (깬다~!(웃음)) (Khó tin thế! Hehe) (hiku wa-! wara)


なんで?くさ (Why? hehe) (什么啦?(笑) (어째서? ㅎㅎ) (Tại sao? haha) (nande? kusa)

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