What a relief!:”hotto shita!” Japanese Phrase #115


What a relief!:“hotto shita!” Japanese Phrase #115

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ホッとした!(hotto shita)

What a relief! / 我放心了! / 다행이다! / nhẹ cả người!

When you feel happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended, you would be able to use “ホッとした!(hotto shita)” which means “What a relief!”. The polite way to use it “ホッとしました!(hotto shima shita)”. The same meaning of “ホッとした!” is “安心あんしんした!” which is a little bit more polite than it, however, there is no difference though.

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Sample 1


事故じこしたらしいじゃん? (I’ve heard you had an accident, didn’t you?) (听说你出了什麽意外?) (사고 났다면서?) (Nghe nói cậu gặp tai nạn hả?) (jiko shita rashī jan?)


心配しんぱいしないで。なんともないから! (Don’t worry. It’ nothing!) (别担心。没什么事情的!) (걱정마. 아무렇지도 않으니까!) (Vì cũng không sao cả nên bạn đừng lo lắng nhé!) (shinpai shinaide. nantomo nai kara!)


ふー、ホッとした! (Phew! What a relief!) (呼ー,那我就放心了!) (휴, 다행이다!) (Phù, nhẹ cả người!) (fu-, hotto shita!)

Sample 2


昨日きのう入院にゅういんしたんだって? (You got hospitalized yesterday, huh?) (听说你昨天住院了?) (어제 입원했다면서?) (Nghe nói hôm qua bạn đã nhập viện hả?) (kinō nyūin shita n datte?)


そうだね。でも、明日退院あしたたいいんするよ。 (Yeah. But, I’m getting discharged tomorrow.) (对呀。但是,我明天就出院了喔。) (맞아. 근데 내일 퇴원이래.) (Đúng vậy. Nhưng mai tôi ra viện rồi.) (sōda ne. demo, ashita taiin suru yo.)


あー、ホッとした! (What a relief!) (呼ー,那我就放心了!) (아~ 다행이다!) (Ui thế thì nhẹ cả người!) (a-, hotto shita!)

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