Make an excuse!:”iiwake wo suru!” Japanese Phrase #199


Make an excuse!:“iiwake wo suru!” Japanese Phrase #199

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わけをする!(iiwake wo suru)

Make an excuse! / 找藉口! / 변명하다! / viện cớ!

When a person who gives a reason for doing something he/she shouldn’t do, or for not doing something he/she should do, you would be able to use “わけをする!(iiwake wo suru)” which means “Make an excuse!”. Everybody could use this phrase in daily conversations as casual. The polite way to use it is “わけをします。(iiwake wo shimasu)” and which is also used in business situations as formal. Furthermore, native speakers often omit “を” of “わけをする”, so that would be “わけする”. Lastly, “わけ” is “excuse” and which is a noun.

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Sample 1


渋滞じゅうたいにはまってしまって、学校がっこうわなかったよ。 (I was stuck in traffic, so I wasn’t in time for school.) (因为我遇到了堵车,所以上学迟到了。) (차가 밀려서 학교에 늦었어.) (Do bị tắc đường nên tới trường bị muộn á.) (jūtai ni hamatte shimatte, gakkō ni maniawanakatta yo.)


わけでしょ?たつやだけだよ、学校がっこうおくれたの。 (You’re making an excuse, huh? Only you were late for school.) (藉口吧?只有达也一个人上学迟到了喔。) (변명이지? 학교에 늦은건 타츠야 너 뿐이야.) (Viện cớ đúng không. Chỉ cóTatsuya đã đến trường muộn thôi đó.) (iiwake desho?Tatsuya dake dayo, gakkō ni okureta no.)


ごめん・・・ただの寝坊ねぼうです。 (Sorry… I just overslept.) (对不起……我只是睡过头了。) (미안… 그냥 늦잠입니다.) (Xin lỗi… Chỉ vì tớ ngủ quên mà thôi.) (gomen…tada no nebō desu.)

Sample 2


このお菓子かしはカロリーすくないから・・・ (This snack is lower-calorie, so …) (因为这种点心的卡路里不高……) (이 과자는 칼로리 적으니까…) (Do món ngọt này có lượng calo thấp nên…) (kono okashi wa karorī sukunai kara)


わけしてるよね?ダイエットちゅうじゃなかったの? (You’re making an excuse, huh? You’re on a diet, right?) (这是藉口吧?你不是正在减肥吗?) (변명하는거야? 다이어트 중 아니었어?) (Viện cớ quá nhỉ? Chẳng phải bạn đang giảm cân sao?) (iiwake shiteru yone? daietto chū ja nakatta no?)


だって、おいしそうだったしー・・・ごめん。 (Cuz this looks good… Sorry.) (因为它看起来很好吃…抱歉。) (그게, 맛있어보여서… 미안.) (Tại vì nó ngon mà… xin lỗi nhá.) (datte, oishisō dattashi-…gomen.)

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