Life goes on!:”jinsei wa madamada korekara da!” Japanese Phrase #204


Life goes on!:“jinsei wa madamada korekara da!” Japanese Phrase #204

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does “人生じんせいはまだまだこれからだ!(jinsei wa madamada korekara da)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

人生じんせいはまだまだこれからだ!(jinsei wa madamada korekara da)

Life goes on! / 人生现在才正要开始呢! / 인생은 지금부터 시작이다! / Đời còn dài!

When you encourage someone who had something sad or disappointing, you would be able to use “人生じんせいはまだまだこれからだ!(jinsei wa madamada korekara da)” which means “Life goes on!”. Everybody could use this phrase both in daily conversations as casual and in business situations as formal.

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Sample 1


彼女かのじょられた・・・もうわりだよ。 (He broke up with me… It’s all over for me.) (我被女朋友甩了……我的人生已经完蛋了。) (여자친구한테 차였어… 이제 다 끝이야.) (Tớ bị cô ấy đá rồi.Hết thật rồi!) (kanojo ni fura reta… mō owari dayo.)


人生じんせいはまだまだこれからだよ! (Life goes on!) (人生现在才正要开始呢!) (인생은 이제부터 시작이야!) (Đời còn dài mà!) (jinsei wa madamada korekara dayo!)


ありがとう。 (Thanks.) (人生现在才正要开始呢!) (인생은 이제부터 시작이야!) (Đời còn dài mà!) (arigatō.)

Sample 2


テストに合格ごうかくできなかったよ。もうわりだよ。 (I didn’t pass the test. It’s all over for me.) (我考试没过,人生已经没希望了。) (시험에 합격 못했어. 이제 끝이야.) (Tớ thi rớt rồi!Thôi xong!) (tesuto ni gōkaku deki nakatta yo. mō owari dayo.)


人生じんせいはまだまだこれからだよ!頑張がんばってね! (Life goes on! You can do it!) (人生现在才正要开始呢!加油啊!) (인생은 이제부터 시작이야! 힘내!) (Tương lai còn ở phía trước mà.Cố lên!) (jinsei wa madamada korekara dayo! ganbatte ne!)


うん、頑張がんばる!ありがとう! (I’ll try my best! Thanks a lot!) (嗯,我会加油的!谢谢!) (응, 힘낼게! 고마워!) (Ừ, tớ sẽ cố gắng!Cám ơn cậu nhé!) (un, ganbaru! arigatō!)

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