Drop by/Pop:”kao wo dasu” Japanese Phrase #202


Drop by/Pop:“kao wo dasu” Japanese Phrase #202

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かおす。(kao wo dasu)

Drop by, Pop / 出席,露脸 / 들리다 / Có mặt, tham dự.

When you want to explain that to pay a brief casual visit, you would be able to use “かおす。(kao wo dasu)” which means “Drop by or Pop”. Everybody could use this phrase in daily conversations as casual. The polite way to use it is “かおします。(kao wo dashi masu)” and which is also used as formal. Additionally, native speakers often omit “を” of “かおす。”, so that would be “かおす。”.

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Sample 1


明日あしたかおしていいですか? (Can I drop by tomorrow?) (我明天可以去露个脸吗?) (내일 들러도 됩니까?) (Ngày mai tôi có mặt được không?) (ashita kao dashite īdesu ka?)


もちろん!いつでもいいですよ。 (Sure! Any time is okay.) (当然!任何时候都可以喔。) (당근! 언제든지 좋아요.) (Tất nhiên rồi! Lúc nào bạn đến cũng được.) (mochiron! itsu demo ī desu yo.)

Sample 2


明日あしたかおね。 (I’ll drop by tomorrow.) (那我明天会出席喔。) (내일 들릴게요.) (Mai tớ tới nhé!) (ashita kao dasu ne.)


はーい。何時頃なんじごろ (Yeah. Around what time?) (好的。大约什么时候呢?) (네엡, 몇 시쯤?) (Ừ! Mấy giờ?) (ha-i. nanji goro?)

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