Sorry for the wait!:待たせてごめん!Japanese Phrase #68


Sorry for the wait!:たせてごめん!Japanese Phrase #68

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “たせてごめん!(matasete gomen)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pencil-2″ wrap=”span”] たせてごめん! (matasete gomen)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Sorry for the wait! / 抱歉让你久等了! / 기다리게 해서 미안! / Xin lỗi để bạn phải đợi!

When your friends wait for you, you would say “たせてごめん!” which mean “Sorry for the wait!”. And if you are a girl or a woman, you would “たせてごめんね!”. In business situations, you won’t be able to use it, you have to say “おたせしておりましてもうわけありません。”.

Example 1

[voice icon=”” name=”たつや” type=”l icon_blue” sample”]
こっちだよー! (Over here!) (在这里ー!) (이쪽이야~!) (Tớ ở đây mà!)
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Example 2

[voice icon=”” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
たつやー! (Tatsuya-!) (达也ー!) (타츠야!) (Tatsuya!)
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