Insensitive___:無神経な___Japanese Phrase #141


Insensitive___:無神経むしんけいな___Japanese Phrase #141

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does “無神経むしんけいな___(mushinkei na)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pencil-2″ wrap=”span”] 無神経むしんけいな___(mushinkei na)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Insensitive___ / 神经大条的__ / 무심한 ___ / ___ không biết xấu hổ

When you feel someone is unaware of or unsympathetic to other people’s feelings, you would be able to use “無神経むしんけいな___(mushinkei na)” which means “insensitive___”. It is the word everyone uses as both casual and formal. The polite way to use it is “無神経むしんけいな___です(mushinkeina___desu)” or “無神経むしんけいです。(mushinkei desu)”.

Example 1

[voice icon=”” name=”たつや” type=”l icon_blue” sample”]
ミクって彼氏かれしわかれたみたいだね。 (It seems Miku broke up with her boyfriend.) (未来好像跟男友分手了耶。) (미쿠 남자 친구랑 헤어진 것 같지.) (Miku hình như đã chia tay bạn trai rồi phải không?)
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Example 2

[voice icon=”” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
どうかしたの? (What’s wrong?) (怎么了?) (무슨 일이야?) (Đã có chuyện gì vậy?)
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