Pot Belly!:”pokkori onaka!” Japanese Phrase #112


Pot Belly!:“pokkori onaka!” Japanese Phrase #112

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ぽっこりおなか!(pokkori onaka)

Pot Belly! / 肚子圆滚滚的! / 배가 나오다! / Bụng phình ra!

When you want to explain a person who is “a fat and has the round stomach”, you would be able to use “ぽっこりおなか!(pokkori onaka)” which means “Pot Belly”. Everyone would be able to use this. It’s more casual than “ふとってる(fat)(futotteru)”. So, that is not used in a bad way, not in a good way though. Furthermore, “ぽっこり(pokkori)” means “round”.

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Sample 1


昨日食きのうたぎたよー! (I ate too much yesterday!) (我昨天吃太多了ー!) (어제 과식했어!) (Hôm qua tôi đã ăn nhiều quá đó!) (kinō tabe sugita yo-!)


ぽっこりおなかだね!くさ (You have a pot belly!) (肚子圆滚滚的呢!(笑)) (배가 뽈록해졌어 !ㅎㅎ) (Bụng phình ra luôn ấy nhỉ!haha) (pokkori onaka dane! kusa)


ダイエットしないとっ!わら (I gotta go on a diet!) (不减肥不行了!(笑)) (다이어트 해야겠네!ㅎㅎ) (Chăc tôi phải ăn kiêng thôi! hehe) (daietto shinai to! wara)

Sample 2


昨日きのう、レイとべにったよ。 (I ate out with Rei yesterday.) (昨天我和连一起去吃饭。) (어제 레이랑 같이 밥 먹었어.) (Hôm qua tôi đã đi ăn với Rei đó.) (kinō, rei to tabe ni itta yo.)


レイってぽっこりおなかだよね。わら (He has a pot belly, doesn’t he?) (连的肚子吃的圆滚滚的呢。(笑)) (레이 배 좀 나왔지.(웃음)) (Bụng Rei có vẻ phì ra á nhỉ. Hehe) (Rei tte pokkori onaka dayo ne. wara)


かわいいけどね。くさ (It looks cute though. hehe) (这样很可爱呀。(笑)) (귀엽지만ㅎㅎ) (Nhưng thấy dễ thường mà. hehe) (kawaī kedo ne. kusa)

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