I was going to ____!:”___suru tsumori datta!” Japanese Phrase #101


I was going to ____!:___suru tsumori datta!” Japanese Phrase #101

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “___するつもりだった!(suru tsumori datta)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

___するつもりだった!(suru tsumori datta)

I was going to ____! / ___我本来打算这样做! / ___하려고 했어! / Đã định làm___!

When you want to talk about an event that started in the past and has already ended, you would be able to use “___するつもりだった!(suru tsumori datta)” which means “I was going to ____!”. The polite way to use it is “___するつもりでした!(suru tsumori deshita)”. “___するつもりだった!(suru tsumori datta)” is casual.

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Sample 1


昨日彼氏きのうかれしったの? (Did you see your boyfriend yesterday?) (你昨天见过你的男朋友吗?) (어제 남친 만났어?) (Bạn đã gặp bạn trai hôm qua à?) (kinō kareshi to atta no?)


つもりだったんだけどー・・・ (I was going to see him but…) (我原本打算去见他的ー・・・) (만나려고 했는데…) (Tôi đã định gặp rồi nhưng mà……) (au tsumori dattan dakedo-)


喧嘩けんかでもしたの? (Did you get into a fight or something with him?) (你们吵架了吗?) (싸우기라도 했어?) (Đã cãi nhau hay sao thế?) (kenka demo shita no?)

Sample 2


映画えいがどうだった? (How was the movies?) (这部电影怎么样?) (영화 어땠어?) (Thấy bộ phim thế nào?) (eiga dō datta?)


映画見えいがみにいくつもりだったんだけど風邪引かぜひいたからやめたよ。 (I was going to go to the movies but I decided not to go there because I caught a cold yesterday.) (我原本打算去看电影的,但是我感冒了就只好算了。) (영화 보려가려고 했는데, 감기 걸려서 그만 뒸어.) (Tôi đã định đi xem phim rồi, nhưng do bị cảm lạnh nên tôi đã không đi nữa.) (eiga mi ni iku tsumori dattan dakedo, kaze hīta kara yameta yo.)


そうなんだ。じゃあ、病院びょういんかないとね! (I see. Then, you’re going to the doctor.) (原来是这样呀!那,你一定要去医院看病喔!) (그렇구나. 그럼 병원에 가야지!) (Vậy à. Thế thì phải đi bệnh viện xem sao !) (sō nanda. jā, byōin ni ika naito ne!)

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