With any luck ___:”un ga yokere ba___” Japanese Phrase #196


With any luck ___:“un ga yokere ba___” Japanese Phrase #196

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うんければ___ (un ga yokere ba___)

With any luck ___ / 运气好的话__ / 운이 좋으면 ___ / Nếu gặp may thì ___

When you want to explain “If you/we are lucky”, you would be able to use “うんければ___(un ga yokere ba___)” which means “With any luck ___”. Everybody could use this phrase both in daily conversations as casual and in business situations as formal. The polite way to use it is also the same. Furthermore, “うんかったら___(un ga yokattara___)” sounds a little casual than “うんければ___”.

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Sample 1


やっとあめがやんできたね。 (It finally stopped raining, didn’t it?) (雨终于停了。) (드디어 비가 그치기 시작 했네) (Cuối cùng mưa cùng tạnh rồi nhỉ.) (yatto ame ga yande kita ne.)


そうだね。うんかったら、にじえるよ。 (Yeah. With any luck, you’ll see a rainbow.) (没错。如果运气好的话,说不定可以看到彩虹喔。) (그러네. 운이 좋으면 무지개도 볼 수 있어.) (Ừm nhỉ. Nếu may mắn thì có thể nhìn thấy được cầu vồng đó.) (sōda ne. un ga yokattara, niji ga mieru yo.)


あれにじじゃない? (Isn’t that the rainbow?) (那不是彩虹吗?) (저거 무지개 아냐?) (Cái đằng kia chẳng phải là cầu vồng sao?) (are niji ja nai?)

Sample 2


んでるね。 (The roads is busy.) (很壅塞呢。) ((길이)막히네.) (Đông quá nhỉ.) (kon deru ne.)


そうだね。でもうんければ、5時ごじまでにくね。 (Yeah. But, with any luck, we’ll get there by 5.) (没错。但如果运气好的话,你可以在5点钟前到达。) (그러네. 그래도 운 좋으면 5시까지 도착할거야.) (Ừm. Nhưng nếu may mắn chúng ta sẽ đến trước 5 giờ.) (sōda ne. demo un ga yokereba, goji made ni tsuku ne.)


だといいね。 (I hope so.) (希望如此囉。) (그러면 좋겠는데.) (Nếu vậy thì tốt quá.) (dato ī ne.)

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