【Voice】休日きゅうじつ vs. 祝日しゅくじつ vs. 定休日ていきゅうび: Which Will You Relax at Home?

Hi, here is “Listening Course” for memberships to improve your listening skill and pronunciation. Native Japanese speakers made these voice, that’s why they are so natural pronunciation and intonation as well. Enjoy listening to them and improve your Japanese skill with them.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 休日きゅうじつ (kyuujitsu)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Day off / 假日 / 휴일 / Ngày nghỉ

Example with Voice

[voice icon=”http://jpyokoso.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/learn-japanese-online-how-to-speak-japanese-language-for-beginners-basic-study-in-japan-yuka67.jpg” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
休日きゅうじついえでのんびりするのがきなんだー。たつやは? (On my days off, I like to stay at home and relax. What about you, Tatsuya?) (假日的时候我喜欢在家里悠闲的度过。达也呢?) (휴일은 집에서 쉬는 게 좋아. 타츠야는?) (Ngày nghỉ tớ thích ở nhà thư giãn, Tatsuya thì sao?)
[wp-svg-icons icon=”spades” wrap=”i”] Beginner

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 祝日しゅくじつ (shukujitsu)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Public holiday / 法定假期 / 공휴일/ Bank holiday, Ngày lễ

Example with Voice

[voice icon=”http://jpyokoso.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/learn-japanese-online-how-to-speak-japanese-language-for-beginners-basic-study-in-japan-okawa70.jpg” name=”たつや” type=”l icon_blue” sample”]
日本にほん祝日しゅくじつがたくさんあるってってた? (Did you know that we have a lot of national holidays in Japan?) (你知道日本有很多法定假期吗?) (일본은 공휴일이 많은 걸 알고 있었어?) (Cậu có biết là Nhật Bản có rất nhiều ngày lễ chứ?)
[wp-svg-icons icon=”spades” wrap=”i”] Beginner

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 定休日ていきゅうび (teikyuubi)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Regular day off / 休息日 / 휴무일 / Ngày nghỉ định kì, ngày nghỉ cố định

Example with Voice

[voice icon=”http://jpyokoso.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/learn-japanese-online-how-to-speak-japanese-language-for-beginners-basic-study-in-japan-yuka35.jpg” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
らなかったー。このみせ定休日ていきゅうびって今日きょうなんだー。 (I didn’t know that this shop’s regular day off is today.) (我都不知道原来今天是这家店的休息日。) (몰랐어! 이 가게 정기휴무일이 오늘이구나.) (Tớ không hề biết, ngày nghỉ cố định của quán này lại vào hôm nay. )
[wp-svg-icons icon=”spades” wrap=”i”] Beginner

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