I’m screwed!:”yabba-!” Japanese Phrase #104


I’m screwed!:“yabba-!” Japanese Phrase #104

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I’m screwed! / 完蛋了! / 큰일이다! / Thôi xong rồi!

When you are in trouble which is not that serious, you would be able to use “やっばー!(yabba-)” which means “I’m screwed!”. Tips for using it are “talking to myself”. After realizing some problems, you would use this. Only for guys, they would use “やっべー!(yabbe-)” and of course “やっばー!(yabba-)” as well, but “やっべー!(yabbe-)” is more boyish. Both of them are not so rude.

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Sample 1


もう9時くじだね、そろそろかえろっか! (It’s already 9 p.m. It’s about time to go home!) (已经9点了,差不多该回家了吧!) (벌써 9시네, 슬슬 돌아갈까!) (Đã 9 giờ rồi, sắp sửa chuẩn bị về thôi nào!!) (mō kuji dane, sorosoro kaero kka!)


やっばー!かあさんに電話でんわするのわすれてた! (I’m screwed! I forgot to call mom!) (完蛋了!我忘了要给妈妈打电话了!) (큰일났다! 엄마에게 전화하는 것 깜빡했네!) (Thôi xong rồi,Tôi đã quên điện thoại cho mẹ mất rồi!) (yabba-! okāsan ni denwa suru no wasurete ta!)


心配しんぱいしてるんじゃない? ! (Your mom’s worried about you, isn’t she?) (妈妈应该很担心吧? !) (걱정하시는 거 아냐?!) (Mẹ bạn chắc đang lo lắng đó!) (shinpai shi teru n ja nai? !)

Sample 2


どうやってかえるの? (How are you getting home?) (你要怎么回家啊?) (어떻게 갈거야?) (Bạn về bằng gì vậy?) (dō yatte kaeru no?)


電車でんしゃだよ!あっ、やっべー!終電逃しゅうでんのがした! (Train! Oh, I’m screwed! I missed the last train!) (电车呀!啊!完蛋了!今天最后一班电车开走了!) (지하철 타고! 아, 큰일이다! 막차 놓쳤어!) (Bằng tàu điện á! Ôi thôi xong! Tôi đã lỡ chuyến tàu cuối rồi!) (densha dayo! a, yabbe-! shūden nogashita!)


タクシーでかえったら? (Why don’t you take a taxi home?) (叫出租车回家呢?) (택시 타면 어때?) (Vậy bạn nên về bằng taxi đi.) (takushī de kaetta ra?)

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