What a surprise!:”bikkuri shita-!” Japanese Phrase #191


What a surprise!:“bikkuri shita-!” Japanese Phrase #191

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びっくりしたー!(bikkuri shita-)

What a surprise! / 惊吓! / 깜짝이야! / Giật cả mình!

When you got surprised, you would be able to use “びっくりしたー!(bikkuri shita-)” which means “What a surprise!”. Everybody could use this phrase in daily conversations as casual. The polite way to use it is “びっくりしたしました!(bikkuri shimashita)” and which is also used in business situations as formal.

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Sample 1


ワッ! (Boo!) (哇!) (왁!) (Hù!) (wa!)


びっくりしたー! (What a surprise!) (我吓到了!) (깜짝이야~!) (Giật cả mình!) (bikkuri shita-!)


ははははは!びっくりした? (Ahahahaha! Did you get surprised?) (哈哈哈,吓到妳了吧?) (하하하! 놀랐어?) (Hahahaha! Bạn đã giật mình hả?) (ha ha ha ha ha! bikkuri shita?)

Sample 2


今日きょう誕生日たんびょうびだよね?はい、プレゼントだよ! (Today is your birthday, isn’t it? This is my present for you.) (今天是你的生日对吧?来,这是礼物喔!) (오늘 생일이지? 자, 선물이야!) (Hôm nay là sinh nhật của bạn đúng không? Đây là quà của bạn nè!) (kyō, tanjōbi dayo ne? hai, purezento dayo!)


びっくりしたー!ありがとう! (What a nice surprise! Thank you!) (我很惊讶!谢谢!) (깜짝 놀랐어! 고마워!) (Bất ngờ quá.Cảm ơn bạn nha!) (bikkuri shita-! arigatō!)


けてみて! (Try to open it!) (快打开看看!) (열어 봐!) (Mở ra thử đi!) (akete mite!)

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