38 Faculty of Department in Japanese


38 Faculty of Department in Japanese

Have you talked to your friends about what your major is? And did you answer it correctly? If you are a student at a college, you would have to talk about it. Let me introduce how you correctly answer what your major is today!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 学部がくぶ /学科がっか(gakubu/gakka)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Faculty(School) of / Department(Division)

学部がくぶ and学科がっか” mean “Faculty(School) of and Department(Division)” and which has been used for people who are college/university students. The basic phrase for them is “専攻せんこうなにですか?(What’s your major?)”, and “___学部がくぶ勉強べんきょうしています。(I study at the faculty(school) of ___.)”, “専攻せんこうは___です。(My major is ___)”, etc. Bachelor of Arts is “文系ぶんけい” and Bachelor of Science is “理系りけい“. For your information, a graduate student is 大学院生だいがくいんせい and graduate school is 大学院だいがくいん. Additionally, Freshman is 大学1年生だいがくいちねんせい, Sophomore is 大学2年生だいがくにねんせい, Junior is 大学3年生だいがくさんねんせい and Senior is 大学4年生だいがくよねんせい.

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専攻せんこうなに (What’s your major?) (你的专业是什么?) (전공이 뭐야?) (Chuyên ngành của cậu là gì?)

[voice icon=”http://jpyokoso.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/learn-japanese-online-how-to-speak-japanese-language-for-beginners-basic-study-in-japan-okawa91.jpg” name=”たつや” type=”l icon_blue” sample”]
教育学部きょういくがくぶ勉強べんきょうしてるよ。 (I study at the faculty(school) of education.) (我在教育学院学习。) (교육학부에서 공부하고 있어.) (Tớ đang theo học Khoa Giáo dục đó.)

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文系ぶんけい理系りけい (Are you a type of person who studied Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science?) (文科?理科?) (문과? 이과?) (Ban tự nhiên hay xã hội thế?)

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理系りけいだよ。 (I study a science.) (是理科。) (이과야.) (Tớ học ban tự nhiên.)
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東京大学とうきょうだいがく経済学部けいざいがくぶ3年生さんねんせいだよ。 (I am a junior majoring in economics at Tokyo University.) (我是东京大学经济学院的三年级学生。) (동경대학교 경제학부 3학년이야.) (Tớ là sinh viên năm 3 Khoa Kinh tế Đại học Tokyo.)

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東京大学とうきょうだいがく4年生よねんせいだよ。 (I am a senior at Tokyo University.) (我是东京大学的四年级。) (동경대학교 4학년이야.) (Tớ là sinh viên năm 4 Đại học Tokyo.)

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東京大学とうきょうだいがく大学院生だいがくいんせいです。 (I’m a graduate student at Tokyo University.) (我是东京大学的研究生。) (동경대학교 대학원생입니다.) (Tôi đang học thạc sĩ ở Đại học Tokyo.)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 文系ぶんけい(bunkei)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • 文学部ぶんがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Letters)
  • 法学部ほうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Law)
  • 経済学部けいざいがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Economics)
  • 政治経済学部せいじけいざいがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Political Science and Economics)
  • 心理学部しんりがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Psychology)
  • 教養学部きょうようがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Arts and Sciences)
  • 商学部しょうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Commerce)
  • 経営学部けいえいがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Business Administration)
  • 政策学部せいさくがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Policy Studies)
  • 国際関係学部こくさいかんけいがくぶ (Faculty(School) of International Relations)
  • 社会科学部しゃかいかがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Social Sciences)
  • 神学部しんがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Theology)
  • 社会学部しゃかいがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Sociology)
  • 人間福祉学部にんげんふくしがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Human Welfare Studies)
  • 教育学部きょういくがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Education)
  • 福祉学部ふくしがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Welfare Studies)
  • スポーツ健康科学部けんこうかがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Health and Sports Science)
  • 体育学部たいいくがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Physical Education)
  • 外国語学部がいこくごがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Foreign Language Studies)
  • 総合政策学部そうごうせいさくがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Policy Management)
  • 国際政治経済学部こくさいせいじけいざいがくぶ (Faculty(School) of International Politics, Economics and Communication)
  • 観光学部かんこうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Tourism)
  • [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 理系りけい

    [wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Bachelor of Science (BS)

  • 理学部りがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Sciences)
  • 工学部こうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Engineering)
  • 建築学部けんちくがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Architecture)
  • デザイン工学部こうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Engineering and Design)
  • 理工学部りこうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Engineering Science)
  • 農学部のうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Agriculture)
  • 情報学部じょうほうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Informatics)
  • 芸術工学部げいじゅつこうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Design)
  • 海洋学部かいようがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Marine Science and Technology)
  • 水産学部すいさんがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Fisheries Sciences)
  • 環境情報学部かんきょうじょうほうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Environment and Information Studies)
  • 情報科学部じょうほうかがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Information Science)
  • 医学部いがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Medicine)
  • 歯学部しがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Dentistry)
  • 薬学部やくがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Pharmacy)
  • 看護医療学部かんごいりょうがくぶ (Faculty(School) of Nursing and Medical Care)
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