Have no class!:”gehin!” Japanese Phrase #4


Have no class!:下品げひん!Japanese Phrase #4

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Have no class! / 没品 / 천박하다 / Đồ dỏm

When you want to describe “person is crass, rude, or acting outside the boundaries of the lowest socially acceptable behavior”, you would be able to use “下品げひん!(gehin)” which means “Have no class!”. Everybody could use this in daily conversations as casual and “下品げひん!(gehin-desu)” is used as polite and formal.

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Sample 1


無料むりょうなの?全部持ぜんぶもってかえろっと! (Is it free? I’ll take all of them!) (免费的吗?那把它们全部拿回家!) (공짜야? 그럼 다 가져가자!) (Miễn phí hả? Vậy đem hết về nhà thôi!) (muryōna no? zenbu motte kaerotto!)


下品げひんだって! (You have no class, huh?) (没品耶!) (촌스럽게 뭐하는거야!) (Toàn đồ dỏm hết đó!) (gehin datte!)


・・・じゃあ、ひとつにしとくよ。 (…well, I’ll take it one.) (・・・那,我先拿一个就好了。) (…그럼 하나만 가져가지 뭐) (Vậy tôi lấy trước một cái thôi.) (・・・jā, hitotsu ni shi toku yo.)

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