Cool!:”ī ne / ī yo” Japanese Phrase #65


Cool!:“ī ne / ī yo” Japanese Phrase #65

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “いいね!or いいよ!(ī ne / ī yo)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

いいね!or いいよ! (ī ne / ī yo)

Cool! / 好啊!, 可以啊! / 좋네 , 좋아! / Thật tuyệt!, Hay đấy!

When you think something is good, you would be able to use “いいね!(ī ne)” which means “Cool” and furthermore when you accept what someone said, you would be able to say “いいよ!(ī yo)” which means “Cool”. Further, if you can use “了解りょうかい!(ryōkai)” as well as the same meaning of “いいね!or いいよ!”. “了解りょうかい” is used as a little business-like word. Like, thanks and thank you.

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Sample 1


明日あした映画行えいがいこうよ! (Let’s go to the movies tomorrow!) (我们明天去看电影吧!) (내일 영화보러 가자!) (Ngày mai đi xem phim đi!) (ashita eiga ikou yo!)


うん!いいね (Sure,that’s cool!) (嗯!好啊!) (응! 좋아!) (Ừ! Được đó!) (un! ī ne!)


じゃあ、明日迎あしたむかえにくね! (Then, I’ll pick you up tomorrow!) (那我明天去接你!) (그럼 내일 데리러 갈게!) (Vậy thì tôi sẽ đón bạn vào ngày mai!) (jā, ashita mukae ni iku ne!)


明日8時あしたはちじでいい? (I’ll see you at 8 am. tomorrow., is that cool?) (明天8点可以吗?) (내일 8시 괜찮아?) (Ngày mai 8 giờ được không?) (ashita hachi de ī?)


了解りょうかい (Cool!) (了解!) (오케이!) (Được!) (ryōkai!)


じゃあね! (See ya!) (明天见!) (그럼 내일 봐!) (Vậy nha!) (jā ne!)

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