Difference between じかに, じきに and ただちに You’d Be Using


Difference between じかに, じきに and ただちに You’d Be Using

I’d say you may have got confused about these words: “じかに, じきに and ただちに”. However, don’t worry about it. You’d be able to use them and figure them out after reading this. Let me introduce how you correctly use “じかに, じきに and ただちに” today!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] じかに(jikani)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Directly, In person, Face to face / 直接 / 직접적으로 / Trực tiếp

じかに” is “Directly and In person or Face to face” and which has been used as the meaning of “直接ちょくせつ(with nothing or no one in between)”. For instance, “じかさわる(directly touch)”, “じかう(meet face to face)”, etc. You would also say “直接ちょくせつさわる(directly touch)” and “直接ちょくせつう(meet face to face)”. I personally feel basically native speakers use “直接ちょくせつ” than “じかに”.

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じかっておれいいたかったよ。 (I wanted to thank you by meeting face to face.) (我想亲自向你道谢。) (직접 만나서 인사하고 싶었어.) (Tớ muốn gặp mặt trực tiếp để cảm ơn bạn.)
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[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] じきに(jikani)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Soon / 马上 / 곧 / Sắp sửa

じきに” means “Soon” and which has been used as the meaning of “もうすぐ” that is pretty natural in daily conversation than “じきに”. For instance, “かれじきかえってくる(He’ll be home soon.)” which you would say “かれはもうすぐかえってくる” as well. Using “もうすぐ” is quite natural than using “じきに” which is pretty formal.

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じき20歳にじゅっさいになります。 (I’ll be turning 20 soon.) (我马上就要20岁了。) (곧 20살이 됩니다. ) (Tôi sắp hai mươi tuổi rồi.)

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もうじき、おかあさんがかえってくるよ! (Mom’ll be home soon!) (妈妈就快回来了哦!) (이제 곧 엄마 올거야!) (Mẹ sắp về tới nơi rồi đấy!)

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もうじきなつだね! (Summer is coming soon!) (眼看就到夏天了呢!) (이제 곧 여름이네!) (Sắp đến mùa hè rồi nhỉ!)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] ただちに(tadachini)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Right away / 立刻 / 즉각 / Ngay lập tức

ただちに” means “Right away” and which has been used as the meaning of “いますぐ” which is also natural in daily conversation than using “ただちに” that is for one of the business words or for the public. So, when using as the meaning of “Right away” to your friend and persons who you get along with, “いますぐ” would be better such as “いますぐくよ(I’ll go there right away.)”.

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ただちに避難ひなんしてください! (Please evacuate right away!) (请立即撤离避难!) (즉시 대피하세요!) (Hãy đi sơ tán ngay lập tức!)

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ただちにやります。 (I’ll do it right away.) (我立刻做。) (바로 하겠습니다.) (Tôi sẽ làm ngay lập tức.)

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ただちに救助きゅうじょしてください! (Rescue him/her right away!) (请马上营救!) (바로 구조해주세요!) (Xin hãy tiến hành giải cứu ngay lập tức đi!)

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