I’m sick of ___!:___ni unzari!Japanese Phrase #7


I’m sick of ___!:___にうんざり!Japanese Phrase #7

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “___にうんざり!(ni unzari)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

___にうんざり!(ni unzari)

I’m sick of / 讨厌 / 에 진저리 나다 / Phát chán với

When you want to describe “to express that you are tired of something; to express you don’t like something any more”, you would be able to use “___にうんざり!(ni unzari)” which means “I’m sick of ___!”. Everybody could use this in daily conversations as casual and “___にうんざりです!(ni unzari desu)” is used as polite and formal.

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Sample 1


すっごいひとがいるなー! (There’re a lot of people here!) (人山人海呀!) (사람들이 장난 아니게 많네~!) (Thật là đông người quá!) (suggoi hito ga iru na ̄!)


ひとごみにうんざりだよー。 (I was sick of the crowd.) (我讨厌人多的地方。) (사람들이 너무 많아 진절머리 난다!) (Tôi ngán ngẩm với đám đông lắm rồi.) (hitogomi ni unzari da yo ̄.)


けってー! (Calm down!) (冷静!) (진정하라고!) (Bình tĩnh đi!) (ochitsuke tte !)

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