I don’t get the point!:”pin to konai!” Japanese Phrase #192


I don’t get the point!:“pin to konai!” Japanese Phrase #192

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ピンとこない!(pin to konai)

I don’t get the point! / 不太能理解! / 와닿지 않는다! / Chưa hiểu rõ điều bạn muốn nói!

When you don’t figure something out if it is great or not, you would be able to use “ピンとこない!(pin to konai)” which means “I don’t get the point!”. Everybody could use this phrase in daily conversations as casual. The polite way to use it is “ピンときません!(pin to kimasen)” and “かりません。(wakari masen)” is used in business situations as formal.

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Sample 1


かった? (Did you get it?) (wakatta?)


ピンとこないんだけど! (I don’t get the point though!) (pin to konai n dakedo!)


うーん、これはかる? (Well, how about this?) (u-n, kore wa wakaru?)

Sample 2


このテストで60点ろくじゅってんとったよ!すごくない? (I got a 60 on this test! Isn’t that great?) (kono tesuto de roku jutten ten totta yo! sugoku nai?)


あんまりピンとこないよ。60点ろくじゅってんでしょ? (I don’t quite get the point! It’s 60, right?) (anmari pin to konai yo. roku jutten ten desho?)


平均点へいきんてん30点さんじゅってんだよ! (This average test score is 30!) (heikin ten wa san jutten dayo!)

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