Can You Explain What “しっくりくる” Means?


Can you explain what “しっくりくる” means?

Could you explain what “しっくりくる” means? “しっくりくる” is one of the vague Japanese words which native speakers are likely to use in the daily conversations. So you might have heard about it. It does not mean “To understand”. Let me introduce what the “しっくりくる” means and how to correctly use it today!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] しっくりくる(sikkurikuru)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] It sounds / feels right to me.

“しっくりくる” means “It sounds/feels right to me” and which has been used as the meaning of “when the person is mostly sure of something but could be wrong.”. The negative form of “しっくりくる” is “しっくりこない” means “It does sound right to me. When a person uses this “しっくりこない” about something, it doesn’t sound right to him/her, however, somewhat he/she can figure it out.

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[voice icon=”” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
この質問しつもんかったよね? (Did you figure this question out, did you?) (这个问题能理解吧?) (이 질문, 알아 들었지?) (Bạn hiểu câu hỏi này, phải không?)
[voice icon=”” name=”たつや” type=”r icon_blue” sample”]
なんかしっくりこないなー。 (It just doesn’t feel right to me.) (我会去的! 可是,被好朋友叫yuka,听着真让人舒服。) (갈게! 그래도, 친한 친구들에게는 유카라고 불리는 편이 더 기분 좋아.) (Uhm, mình đi chứ! Có điều, bạn bè thân thì cứ gọi thẳng mình là Yuka sẽ gần gũi hơn đó!)
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[voice icon=”” name=”たつや” type=”l icon_blue” sample”]
ゆかちゃんもく? (Why don’t you, Yuka-chan, join me?) (听好了?这是规则。) (알겠지? 이게 규칙이야.) (Hiểu chưa? Đây là quy tắc đó.)[/voice]

[voice icon=”” name=”ゆか” type=”r icon_red” sample”]
くよ!でも、なか友達ともだちにはゆかってばれるほうしっくりくるよ。 (Yeah, but it feel right to me that my friends, I’m close with, call me only Yuka.) (觉得不爽啊。) (뭔가 확 와닿지는 않는데…) (Tôi vẫn thấy mơ hồ lắm.)

[voice icon=”” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
いい?これが規則きそくだよ。 (Did get it? That’s what rules are.) (Yuka也会去吗?) (유카도 갈 거야?) (Bạn Yuka cũng đi chứ?)[/voice]

[voice icon=”” name=”たつや” type=”r icon_blue” sample”]
んー、しっくりこないけど・・かったよ。 (Hmm…it doesn’t sound right to me but I’m fine.) (嗯,不太合适,但是我明白了。) (음… 느낌이 잘 와닿지는 않지만… 알았어.) (Hmn, tuy còn chưa chắc chắn lăm mà … Tôi hiểu rồi.)

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