Why Don’t You Use それほど? Native Speakers Often Use


Why Don’t You Use それほど? Native Speakers Often Use

The meaning of それほど isn’t so difficult than you are thinking. However, did you listen to it from native speakers? それほど is often used in daily conversation. Let me introduce the way to use it today!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] それほど___ない(sorehodo-nai)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Not ___ that much

“それほど___ない” means “Not ___ that much” and which native speakers often use because it sounds pretty soft and gently, such as おおくないですよ。(It is not much.) or それほどおおくないですよ。(It is not that much.) “それほど___ない” sounds native speakers, so try to use this in daily conversation. And the popular word of それほどでもない is “いやー、それでもないですよ。(Thank you. I’m trying./I want to get better.)” when someone is flattering you.

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それほどおおくの学生がくせいがアラビアはなしたいとはおもっていないとおもうよ。 (I think many students don’t want to speak Arabic.) (我不认为有那么多学生想说阿拉伯语。) (그만큼 많은 학생들이 아랍어를 말하고 싶어할 줄은 상상도 못했다고 생각해.) (Tớ không nghĩ có nhiều sinh viên muốn nói tiếng Ả rập đến thế đâu.)

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いやぁ、それほどでも… (Thank you. I’m trying/I wanna get better.) (我不认为有那么多学生想说阿拉伯语。) (그만큼 많은 학생들이 아랍어를 말하고 싶어할 줄은 상상도 못했다고 생각해.) (Tớ không nghĩ có nhiều sinh viên muốn nói tiếng Ả rập đến thế đâu.)

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それほどわるくないかも? (I’m wondering if it’s not that bad.) (可能还不错吧?) (그렇게 나쁘지 않을지도?) (Có lẽ không tệ đến thế đâu?)

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ゆかはおれのことがそれほどきじゃなかったみたい。 (Yuka didn’t seemingly love me that much.) (由香似乎不是那么喜欢我。) (유카는 나를 그다지 좋아하지 않았던 것 같다.) (Hình như Yuka không thích tớ đến vậy đâu.)
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レッスンはじめてそれほど時間経じかんたってないんですね。 (It hasn’t been that so long since we started this lesson, then.) (开始上课的时间没过很久吧。) (수업 시작하고나서 그다지 시간이 지나진 않았네요. ) (Buổi học cũng mới bắt đầu thôi.)

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それほどすごいことなんだって! (It’s that great!) (就是那么厉害!) (그만큼 대단한 일이라니까요!) (Sao có thể tuyệt vời đến thế!)

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