What’s Better: 総額そうがく or 全額ぜんがく You Should Know


What’s Better: 総額そうがく or 全額ぜんがく You Should Know

総額そうがく and 全額ぜんがく are very similar, however, there is a little bit different nuance. Let me introduce how you correctly use them today!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i”] 総額そうがく (sougaku) / 全額ぜんがく (zengaku)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] Full price / Full amount / Total

総額そうがく and 全額ぜんがく” mean “Full price, Full amount and Total”. Even though these are the same meaning, the way to use them is pretty different such as 支払しはら総額そうがく is natural, 支払しはら全額ぜんがく is not natural. 総額そうがく弁償べんしょうする is not natural, 全額ぜんがく弁償べんしょうする is natural. 総額返金そうがくへんきん is not natural, 全額返金ぜんがくへんきん is natural. 総額そうがくはらう and 全額ぜんがくはらう, 給料きゅうりょう総額そうがく and 給料きゅうりょう全額ぜんがく are natural, but 総額そうがく sounds a little bit bigger than 全額ぜんがく. Native speakers often use 支払しはら総額そうがく and 全額ぜんがく支払しはらう.

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支払しはら総額そうがく100,000円じゅうまんえんです。お支払しはらいは現金げんきんですか、カードですか? (Your bill comes to 100,000 yen. Are you paying with cash or card?) (一共是100,000日圆。请问要现金支付,还是刷卡呢?) (지불 총액은 100,000 엔입니다. 지불은 현금입니까, 카드입니까?) (Tổng cộng là 100.000 yên. Quý khách muốn thanh toán bằng tiền mặt hay thẻ ạ?)

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じゃあ、現金げんきんでおねがいします。 (Well, cash please.) (那么,付现好了。) (그럼, 현금으로 부탁합니다.) (Thế thì tôi sẽ trả bằng tiền mặt.)
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全額ぜんがく弁償べんしょうします。 (I’ll pay for the damages in full.) (我会全额赔偿。) (전액 변상합니다.) (Tôi sẽ bồi thường toàn bộ số tiền.)

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全額ぜんがく返金へんきんしてください。 (Please refund the full price.) (请全额退款。) (전액 환불해주세요.) (Hãy hoàn trả toàn bộ số tiền cho tôi.)

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