Are you kidding me?:”uso desho?” Japanese Phrase #120


Are you kidding me?:“uso desho?” Japanese Phrase #120

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うそでしょ?(uso desho)

Are you kidding me? / 骗人的吧? / 거짓말이지? / Nói dối đúng không?

When someone says something surprising or that seems as if it could not be serious or true, you would be able to use “うそでしょ?(uso desho)” which means “Are you kidding me?”. The polite way to use it is “本当ほんとうですか?(hontō desuka)”. “マジ?(maji)” is used as the same meaning “うそでしょ?” and basically “マジ” is used among the younger generation. Everybody can use “うそでしょ?”. Native speakers don’t use “冗談じょうだんでしょ?(jōdan desyo)” lately which also means “うそでしょ?”.

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Sample 1


会社かいしゃやめたんだ。 (I quit my job.) (我辞职不干了。) (회사 관뒀어.) (Tôi nghỉ việc ở công ty rồi.) (kaisha yameta nda.)


うそでしょ? (What? Are you kidding me, huh?) (骗人的吧?) (거짓말이지?) (Cậu nói dối đúng không?) (uso desho?)


わるいけど本当ほんとうなんだ。 (Sorry but it’s true.) (抱歉,但是这是真的。) (미안하지만 사실이야.) (Không hay ho chút nào nhưng thật đó.) (warui kedo hontō nanda.)

Sample 2


レイが学校がっこうやめたらしいよ! (I’ve heard Rei quit the school!) (连好像休学了耶!) (레이가 학교 그만 뒀대!) (Nghe nói Rei đã bỏ học rồi!) (Rei ga gakkō yameta rashī yo!)


うそでしょ? (Are you kidding me?) (骗人的吧?) (거짓말이지?) (Cậu nói dối đúng không?) (uso desho?)


マジだよ! (I mean it!) (是真的啦!) (정말이라니까!) (Thật mà!) (maji dayo!)

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