#1164 Today’s Japanese Question Grammar(N1-N2)


Today’s Japanese Question Grammar N1-N2

Here is a question that is going to be posted every day. You will get your results after you answer this question. Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer!

Check your Japanese skills with the JPYoKoSo Vocabulary and Grammar Questions!

I put the vocabulary below that be used by this question! Check them after solving this!

Today's Japanese Questions (Vocabulary and Grammar)


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今にも ​(JLPT-3)いまにも, imanimo, at any time, soon, 不久, 不久, 곧, Sớm, ในไม่ช้า, segera
殴る ​(JLPT-2)なぐる, naguru, to strike, to hit, to beat, to punch, 打, 打, 때리는, Để đánh, การตี, Untuk memukul
かからん ​(JLPT-5)かかる, kakaru, to have started to, to be on the verge of, 濒临, 瀕臨, 직전의, trên bờ vực của, หมิ่น, di ambang
ばかり ​(JLPT-4)bakari as if to, (as though) about to, 仿佛, 彷彿, 마치, như thể, ราวกับ, seolah-olah
勢い ​(JLPT-3)いきおい ikioi force, vigor, vigour, energy, spirit, life, 活力, 活力, 기세, sức sống, พลัง, semangat
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