#295 Today’s Japanese Question Vocabulary(N4-N5)


Today’s Japanese Question Vocabulary N4-N5

Here is a question that is going to be posted every day. You will get your results after you answer this question. Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer!

Check your Japanese skills with the JPYoKoSo Vocabulary and Grammar Questions!

I put the vocabulary below that be used by this question! Check them after solving this!

Today's Japanese Questions (Vocabulary and Grammar)


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この / kono ​(JLPT-5)this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker), 此, 此, 이, Cái này, นี้, Ini
みち / michi ​(JLPT-5)road, path, street, lane, passage, 一条路, 一條路, 길, Đường, ถนน, Jalan
すくない / sukunai ​(JLPT-5)few, a little, scarce, insufficient, seldom, 少数, 少數, 적은, Rất ít, น้อย, Sedikit
こわい / kowai ​(JLPT-4)scary, frightening, eerie, dreadful, 我怕, 我怕, 무서운, Đáng sợ, ฉันกลัว, Menakutkan
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