47 Tips For Choosing Your Sports Club: 部活ぶかつ? サークル?


47 Tips For Choosing Your Sports Club: 部活ぶかつ? サークル?

Did you join a club when you were still in junior high or high school? It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests, do an activity you enjoy, learn more about an activity you’re interested in. Today, let me introduce 47 clubs and what different between 部活ぶかつ or クラブ and サークル are today.

部活ぶかつ (bukatsu)/ クラブ (kurabu)

Team / Club / Extracurriculars

部活ぶかつ and クラブ are the absolutely same meaning, so you can use both when you feel easy to use. Actually, join or belong to team or club means 所属しょぞくする however, basically using 所属しょぞくする is a little bit stiff for native speakers, so I recommend you that you could use 部活ぶかつ/クラブにはいる or 部活ぶかつ/クラブをする would be much natural for us, native speakers instead of 部活ぶかつ/クラブに所属しょぞくする.


“学” Kanji Course (JLPT-5)

たつやってさぁ、中学時代ちゅうがくなん部活ぶかつしてたの? (Hey, Tatsuya. What club did you join to junior high school?) (Tatsuya你上中学时参加过什么样的社团活动。) (타츠야는 중학생 때 부활동은 뭘 했었어?) (Tatsuya hồi cấp hai đã tham gia hoạt động câu lạc bộ nào vậy?)
3年間さんねんかん野球部やきゅうぶだったよ! (I joined the baseball team for 3 years.) (三年的棒球俱乐部!) (3년 동안 야구부였어!) (Tớ đã ở câu lạc bộ bóng chày ba năm đó! )
ゆかちゃん、高校時代こうこうじだいってなんクラブはいってたの? (Hey, Yuka-chan. What club did you belong to junior high school?) (Yuka,你高中时代参加什么样的俱乐部?) (유카,야,고등학생 때는 어떤 클럽에 들어가 있었어?) (Yuka hồi cấp ba tham gia câu lạc bộ nào vậy?)
高校こうこうのバレーボールはいってたよ! (Actually, I was a member of my junior high school’s volleyball team.) (我在高中是加入排球俱乐部的!) (고등학교 배구부에 들어가 있었어!) (Tớ ở trong đội bóng chuyền của trường đó!)

サークル (sa-kuru)

Meetup / Group

サークル is one of the Japanese-English words that means meetup or group. Compared to 部活ぶかつ and クラブ (team and club) at the junior high or high school, サークル (meetup or group) has a lot of flexibility, such as the activity of サークル is once a week or something. It is not five days a week. Furthermore, the majority of サークル doesn’t have an advisor to the サークル, unlike 部活ぶかつ or クラブ. It is like a group for just the hobby and it is not serious.


#40 Today’s Japanese Question Grammar(N4-N5)

大学時代だいがくじだい英語えいごサークルだったよ! (I used to be an English meetup when I was in college.) (在大学时代,我是英语社团!) (대학생 때는 영어 서클이었어!) (Hồi học đại học tớ ở câu lạc bộ tiếng Anh đấy.)
写真しゃしんサークルはいらない? (Why don’t you join photography meetups?) (你为什么不加入摄影社团?) (사진 동아리에 들어오지 않을래?) (Cậu có muốn tham gia câu lạc bộ nhiếp ảnh không?)


Sports club

  • ホッケー / hockey team
  • 野球部やきゅうぶ / baseball team
  • 水泳部 すいえいぶ / swim team
  • スキー / ski team
  • スケート / skating team
  • チアリーダー / cheerleading team
  • ラグビー / rugby team
  • ハンドボール / handball team
  • ゴルフ / golf team
  • テニス / tennis team
  • 卓球部たっきゅうぶ / table tennis team
  • バドミントン / badminton team
  • ソフトボール / softball team
  • サッカー / soccer team
  • バレーボール / volleyball team
  • バスケットボール / basketball team
  • 陸上部りくじょうぶ / track and field team
  • 剣道部けんどうぶ / kendo team
  • 空手部からてぶ / karate team
  • 柔道部じゅうどうぶ / judo team
  • 弓道部きゅうどうぶ / Japanese archery team
  • 相撲部すもうぶ / sumo team
  • 体操部たいそうぶ / gymnastics team
  • ダンス / dance team
  • 山岳部さんがくぶ / mountain climbing club
  • ボクシング / boxing team
  • 乗馬部じょうばぶ / horseback riding team


    Culture club

  • アニメ / anime club
  • 美術部びじゅつぶ / art club
  • 放送部ほうそうぶ / school radio club
  • パソコン/コンピューター / computer club
  • 漫画研究部まんがけんきゅうぶ / manga club
  • 映画研究会えいがけんきゅうかい / Cinema Club
  • 吹奏楽部すいそうがくぶ / school band
  • 華道部かどうぶ / Japanese flower arrangement club
  • 茶道部さどうぶ / Japanese tea ceremony club
  • 演劇部えんげき / drama club, acting club or theater club
  • 英語部えいごぶ / English Club
  • 写真部しゃしんぶ / photography club
  • 手芸部しゅげいぶ / craft club
  • 調理部ちょうりぶ / cooking club
  • 化学部かがくぶ / chemistry club
  • 生物部せいぶつぶ / biology club
  • 天文部てんもんぶ / astronomy club
  • 合唱部がっしょうぶ / choir
  • 将棋部しょうぎぶ / shogi club which is Japanese chess.
  • 落語研究会らくごけんきゅうかい / rakugo club

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