Just a moment:”chotto matte”Japanese Phrase #302


Just a moment:”chotto matte“Japanese Phrase #302

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does “ちょっとって。(chotto matte)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

ちょっとって。(chotto matte)

Just a moment. / 等一下。 / 잠깐만. / Hãy chờ một chút.

When you want to describe “a request to delay an action, departure, or decision for a short time, usually to allow the speaker to do something”, you would be able to use “ちょっとって。(chotto matte)” which means “Just a moment.”. Everybody could use this in daily conversations as casual. “ちょっとってください。(chotto matte kudasai) is used as polite and formal.

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Sample 1


かえ準備じゅんびできた? (Are you ready to leave?) (你准备好要回家了吗?) (돌아갈 준비 됐어?) (Cậu chuẩn bị về chưa?) (kaeru junbi de kita?)


あっ、ちょっとって! (Oh, just a moment!) (啊!等一下。) (아, 잠깐!) (Ối chờ tớ một chút!) (a, chottomatte!)

Sample 2


この問題解もんだいとけましたか? (Have you solved problems in the textbook?) (这个问题你弄明白了吗?) (이 문제 풀었습니까?) (Cậu đã giải được vấn đề này chưa?) (kono mondai tokemashita ka?)


うーん・・・ちょっとってください。 (Umm… Just a moment, please.) (嗯……再等一下。) (음… 잠깐만요.) (Ừm … Hãy đợi tớ một chút.) (u-n chottomatte kudasai.)


じゃあ、後1分あといっぷんね。 (Well, 1 minute left.) (那,再给你一分钟哦。) (그럼 1분만 더 줄게.) (Vậy thì, một phút nữa nhé.) (jā, ato ippun ne.)

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