What’s wrong?:”dō shita no?”Japanese Phrase #339


What’s wrong?:”dō shita no?“Japanese Phrase #339

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どうしたの?(dō shita no?)

What’s wrong? / 怎么了? / 무슨 일이야? / Đã có chuyện gì à?

When you want to ask someone who looks ill or sad to tell you what problem they have, you would be able to use “どうしたの?(dō shita no?)” which means “What’s wrong?”. Everybody could use this in daily conversations as casual and “どうされましたか?(dō sare mashitaka?)” is used as polite and formal.

Sample 1


どうしたの?なんか具合悪ぐあいわるそうだね。 (What’s wrong? You don’t look so good.) (你怎么了?看起来不太舒服的样子呢。) (왜 그래? 어쩐지 기운이 없어보이는데.) (Có chuyện gì à? Cậu có vẻ không được khỏe lắm thì phải?)


風邪気味かぜぎみかも。 (I might be coming down with a cold.) (可能快要感冒了。) (감기기운인 것 같아.) (Có vẻ là tớ bị cảm rồi.)

Sample 2


どうされましたか? (What’s the matter?) (您有什么问题吗?) (무엇을 도와드릴까요?) (Đã có chuyện gì à?)


コンタクトレンズをくてしまいました。 (I lost my contact lenses.) (我弄丢了我的隐形眼镜。) (콘택트 렌즈를 잃어버렸어요.) (Tớ lỡ làm mất kính áp tròng rồi.)


いま眼鏡めがねってますか? (Do you have your glasses now?) (您身上现在有其他眼镜吗?) (지금 안경은 가지고 계십니까?) (Bây giờ bạn có mang theo kính đeo mắt không?)

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