Selfish:”jiko chū” Japanese Phrase #308


Selfish:“jiko chū” Japanese Phrase #308

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自己中じこちゅう。(jiko chū)

Selfish / 自我中心 / 이기적 / Ích kỷ

When you want to describe “Someone who is selfish only thinks of their own advantage.”, you would be able to use “自己中じこちゅう。(jiko chū)” which means “Selfish”. Everybody could use this in daily conversations as casual, “自己中じこちゅうです。(jiko chū desu)” is used as polite and 自己中心じこちゅうしんです。(jiko chū shin desu) is used as formal.

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Sample 1


さきにやらせて。 (Let me do this first.) (让我先吧。) (내가 먼저 할래.) (Hãy để tớ làm trước đi.) (saki ni yara sete.)


ちょっと、たつやー!自己中じこちゅうだよ。 (Hey, Tatsuya! You’re being too selfish.) (喂!达也,你真是自我中心耶。) (어이 타쯔야 ! 이기적이잖아) (Khoan đã Tatsuya! Cậu ích kỷ quá đấy.) (chotto, Tatsuya-! jiko chū dayo.)


あっ、ごめん。 (Oh, sorry.) (哦,抱歉。) (아, 미안.) (Á tớ xin lỗi.) (a, gomen.)

Sample 2


田中たなかさんはなんでもさきにやりたがります。 (Mr. Tanaka wants to do everything first.) (田中不管什么事情都想自己先来。) (타나까 씨는 뭐든 먼저 하고 싶어합니다.) (Tanaka cái gì cũng muốn làm trước cả.) (Tanaka san wa nandemo sakini yari tagari masu.)


自己中じこちゅうですね。 (He’s too selfish.) (真是自我中心呢。) (자기중심적이군요) (Ích kỷ quá nhỉ.) (jiko chū desu ne.)


そうですね。 (Yeah.) (就是啊。) (그렇네요.) (Ử có vẻ thế thật.) (sō desu ne.)

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