Drive ___ to …:”kurumade___wo…made okuru” Japanese Phrase #337


Drive ___ to …:“kurumade___wo…made okuru” Japanese Phrase #337

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does “くるまで___を…までおくる。(kurumade___wo…made okuru)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

くるまで___を…までおくる。(kurumade___wo…made okuru)

Drive ___ to … / 开车送__到那裡。 / 차로 ___를 …까지 데려다 주다 / Đưa…đến…bằng xe hơi

When you want to describe “to drive someone to somewhere”, you would be able to use “くるまで___を…までおくる。(kurumade___wo…made okuru)” which means “Drive ___ to …”. Everybody could use this in daily conversations as casual and “くるまで___を…までおくります。(kurumade___wo…made okuri masu)” is used as polite and formal.

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Sample 1


くるまいえまでおくってあげるよ。 (I’ll drive you home.) (我可以开车送你回家喔。) (차로 집까지 데려다 줄게.) (Tôi sẽ đưa bạn về nhà bằng xe hơi.) (kuruma de ie made okutte ageru yo.)


えっ、いいの?ありがとう! (Really? Are you sure? Thanks!) (哎?可以吗?谢谢!) (어, 괜찮아? 고마워!) (Hả, có được không? Cảm ơn bạn!) (e, ī no? arigatō!)

Sample 2


かあさんがくるま毎日駅まいにちえきまでおくってくれます。 (My mom drives me to the station every day.) (我妈妈每天开车送我到车站。) (어머니가 차로 매일 역까지 태워다 줍니다.) (Mẹ tôi đưa tôi đến nhà ga hàng ngày bằng xe hơi.) (okāsan ga kuruma de mainichi eki made okutte kuremasu.)


いいおかあさんだね。 (Your mom is good!) (真是一位好妈妈。) (좋은 어머니구나.) (Mẹ cậu tuyệt quá nhỉ.) (ī okāsan dane.)

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