You look mature for your age!:”otona ppoi ne!” Japanese Phrase #59


You look mature for your age!:“otona ppoi ne!” Japanese Phrase #59

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大人おとなっぽいね! (otona ppoi ne)

You look mature for your age! / 看起来很成熟呢 / 어른스럽네 / Ra dáng người lớn đấy

When you feel someone doesn’t look like his/her age, you would be able to use “大人おとなっぽいね!(otona ppoi ne)” means “You look mature for your age!” that is basically a positive meaning.

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Sample 1


このスーツ似合にあう? (Does this suit look good on me?) (这套西装看起来怎么样?) (이 정장 어울려?) (Bộ vest này hợp với tôi không?) (kono sūtsu niau?)


大人おとなっぽいね! (You look mature for your age!) (看起来很成熟呢!) (어른스러워 보여!) (Trông chững chạc đấy!) (otona ppoi ne!)


れるなー。わら (You are flattering me. haha) (真让人害羞ー。(笑) (왠지 쑥스럽구먼 (웃음)) (Ngại quá đi (cười).) (tereru na-. wara)

Sample 2


髪染かみそめたの! (I’ve dyed my hair.) (我染头发了!) (머리 염색한거야?) (Tôi vừa mới nhuộm tóc!) (kami someta no!)


大人おとなっぽいね!いいじゃん! (You look mature for your age! I like it!) (看起来很成熟呢!真不错!) (어른스러워 보이네! 괜찮네!) (Trông chững chạc đó! Đẹp lắm!) (otona ppoi ne! ī jan!)


ずかしいよー。くさ (You are embarrassing me. hehe) (真让人害羞ー。(笑) (아이 쑥스러워ㅎㅎ) (Xấu hổ ghê (cười)) (hazukashī yo-. kusa)

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