You look mature for your age!:大人っぽいね!Japanese Phrase #59


You look mature for your age!:大人おとなっぽいね!Japanese Phrase #59

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “大人おとなっぽいね!(otona ppoi ne)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”pencil-2″ wrap=”span”] 大人おとなっぽいね! (otona ppoi ne)

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-2″ wrap=”span”] You look mature for your age! / 看起来很成熟呢 / 어른스럽네 / Ra dáng người lớn đấy

When you feel someone doesn’t look like his/her age, you would be able to use “大人おとなっぽいね!” means “You look mature for your age!” that is basically a positive meaning.

Example 1

[voice icon=”” name=”たつや” type=”l icon_blue” sample”]
このスーツ似合にあう? (Does this suit look good on me?) (这套西装看起来怎么样?) (이 정장 어울려?) (Bộ vest này hợp với tôi không?)
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Example 2

[voice icon=”” name=”ゆか” type=”l icon_red” sample”]
髪染かみそめたの! (I’ve dyed my hair.) (我染头发了!) (머리 염색한거야?) (Tôi vừa mới nhuộm tóc!)
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