Who knows?:”sā” Japanese Phrase #258


Who knows?:”” Japanese Phrase #258

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Who knows? / 谁知道呢。 / 글쎄. / Thôi nào.

When you don’t know, and you don’t know anybody who does know, you would be able to use “さあ。()” which means “Who knows?”. Everybody could use this phrase in daily conversations as casual. “どうでしょうね。(dō desyou ne)” is used as polite and formal. Some native speakers use “さあね(sā ne)” instead of “さあ” and “さあね” sounds a little bit stronger than “さあ”.

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Sample 1


ミクってもうすぐるとおもう? (Do you think Miku is coming here soon?) (你觉得未来快来了吗?) (미쿠가 곧 올 것 같아?) (Bạn nghĩ Miku sắp tới chưa?) (Miku tte mōsugu kuru to omou?)


さあ。 (Who knows?) (谁知道呢。) (글쎄.) (Thôi nào.) (sā.)

Sample 2


AとB、どっちのチームがつとおもいます? (Which team do you think will win the game, A or B?) (A队和B队,你认为哪一队会赢呢?) (A와 B, 어느 팀이 이길 것 같습니까?) (Bạn nghĩ đội nào sẽ thắng, A hay B?) (A to B, dotchi no chīmu ga katsu to omoi masu?)


どうでしょうね。 (Who knows?) (谁知道呢。) (글쎄요.) (Sẽ thế nào nhỉ?) (dō de shou ne.)


わたしはAがつとおもいます。 (I guess A will win the game.) (我认为A队会赢。) (저는 A가 이길거라고 생각해요.) (Tôi nghĩ là đội A sẽ thắng.) (watashi wa A ga katsu to omoi masu.)

Sample 3


1年後いちねんご天気てんきれかな? (I wonder if the weather will be sunny in one year.) (Me pregunto si el tiempo estará soleado en un año.) (ichi nen go no tenki wa hare kana?)


さあ。 (Who knows?) (¿Quién sabe?) (sā.)

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