I don’t give a fuck!:”shiru ka boke!” Japanese Phrase #31


I don’t give a fuck!:“shiru ka boke!” Japanese Phrase #31

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るかボケ! (shiru ka boke!)

I don’t give a fuck! / 谁知道啊白痴! / 알긴 알어 멍청아! / Ai mà biết được!

When you’ve absolutely had it with someone’s bullshit and seriously couldn’t care any less about what they do, you would use “るかボケ!(shiru ka boke!)”. The phrase is not to be used in a public environment unless you truly “Don’t give a fuck”. This word for boys/men and if you are a girl/woman, you would “勝手かってにして!(katte ni shite!)” or “どうでもいいよ!(dotchi demo ī yo!)” which means “I don’t care!”

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Sample 1


今週末こんしゅまつなにしたい? (What do you want to do this weekend?) (这个周末你想做什么?) (이번 주말에 뭐 하고 싶어?) (Cuối tuần em muốn làm gì?) (kon shūmatsu, nani shitai?)


勝手かってにして (I don’t care.) (随你便啦!) (알아서 해!) (Tùy anh!) (katte ni shite!)


まだおこってるの? (You’re still angry, huh?) (你还在生气吗?) (아직도 화났어?) (Em vẫn còn giận à?) (mada okotteru no?)

Sample 2


先生怒せんせいおこってたよ! (Our teacher got angry at you!) (老师很生气喔!) (선생님이 화 냈었어!) (thầy giáo đã tức giận đó!) (sensei okotteta yo!)


るかボケ (I don’t give a fuck!) (谁知道啊白痴!) (내가 알 바냐, 멍청아!) (Ai mà biết chuyện đó!) (shiru ka boke!)


なにがあったの? (What happened?) (怎么了吗?) (무슨 일이 있었던거야?) (Chuyện gì vậy?) (nani ga atta no?)

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