I’m looking forward to it!:”tanoshimi ni shiteru ne!” Japanese Phrase #34


I’m looking forward to it!:”tanoshimi ni shiteru ne” Japanese Phrase #34

Discover a new phrase each day to use in your Japanese! What does the expression “たのしみにしてるね!(tanoshimi ni shiteru ne)” mean? Visit daily to learn some popular Japanese phrases on a regular basis!

たのしみにしてるね! (tanoshimi ni shiteru ne)

I’m looking forward to it! / 真令人期待! / 기대하고 있을게! / Tôi rất mong chờ nó!

When you are excited and pleased about something that is going to happen, you would say “たのしみにしてるね!(tanoshimi ni shiteru ne)” which is for girls or women so if you are boys or men, you would say “たのしみにしてるよ!(tanoshimi ni shiteru yo)” or “たのしみにしてるわ!(tanoshimi ni shiteru wa)”. When putting something before “たのしみにしてる”, you would be able to explain what you are looking forward such as “えるのをたのしみにしてるね!” means “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

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Sample 1


明日あした、マンガってくるよ! (I’ll get the manga for you tomorrow!) (明天我会带漫画来喔!) (내일 만화 가지고 올게!) (Ngày mai tôi sẽ đem truyện tranh tới!) (ashita, manga motte kuru yo!)


たのしみにしてるね (I’m looking forward to it!) (真令人期待!) (기대할게!) (Tôi rất mong chờ nó!) (tanoshimi ni shi teru ne!)


じゃあ、また明日あした (Ok, see you tomorrow!) (那么,明天见!) (그럼, 내일 보자! (Hẹn gặp lại vào ngày mai!) (jā, mata ashita!)

Sample 2


来週会らいしゅうあえるねー! (I’ll see you next week!) (下礼拜就能见面了耶!) (다음주에 만나겠네!) (Tuần sau là có thể găp nhau rồi!) (raishū aeru ne-!)


ゆかにえるのをたのしみにしてるよ (I’m looking forward to seeing you, Yuka!) (我很期待看到优香呢!) (유카랑 만나길 기대하고 있어!) (Tôi rất mong được gặp Yuka!) (yuka ni aeru no wo tanoshimi ni shi teru yo!)


わたしも! (Me too!) (我也是!) (나도!) (Tôi cũng vậy!) (watashi mo!)

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