Did You Know The 9 Ways to Use “たたく” in Japanese


Did You Know The 8 Meanings of “たたく” in Japanese

たたく” has a lot of meaning. However, don’t get confused. After reading this, you would be able to figure out what the meaning of “たたく” and would be able to use it. Let me introduce how to correctly figure it out today!

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たたく” has a lot meaning and one of them is “Hit, Knock, Insult, etc”. The basic way to use it is “わたしは___(noun)をたたく(I hit ___)” such as “わたしかれたたきました(I hit him.)”. However, this is the basic way to use “たたく” and it has been often used as slang. For instance “ネットでたたかれる(Someone is insulted on the internet.)”, “陰口かげぐちたたく(Someone talks behind people’s back.)” and so on.

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とうさんがいもうとたたいたの! (Dad hit my little sister!) (爸爸打了我的妹妹!) (아버지가 여동생을 때렸어!) (Bố vừa đánh đòn em gái tớ đấy!)
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