2 Ways to Generate New Ideas for あくまでも


2 Ways to Generate New Ideas for あくまでも


I don’t know yet how to use “akumademo”.

Some people studying Japanese are confused about the way to use “あくまでも(akumademo)” and I’d say most learners can’t correctly use“あくまでも(akumademo)”. And it is quite often used in daily conversations and business situations as well.

Let me introduce how to easily use“あくまでも(akumademo)” that has two meanings!

あくまでも (akumademo)

1・Only / Just / Simply / Hypothetically

あくまでも is one of the Japanese confusing words but it is actually simple than you are thinking. “あくまでも(akumademo) has two meanings.

One of “akumademo” means “only, just, simply and hypothetically“.

For instance :

あくまでも一般論いっぱんろん (just a general theory) (akumademo ippan ron)

あくまでも話 はなし(just an example) (akumademo no hanashi)

あくまでもかり状態じょうたい (a hypothetical situation) (akumademo kari no jōtai)

You can use “akumademo” as casual and formal.

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Smaple with Audio


あくまでも冗談じょうだんだからさっ!そんなにおこるなよー!なっ? (It’s just a joke, man! Don’t get angry, you know?) (这不过是个玩笑啊!别那麽生气嘛!欸!) (그냥 농담이니까 너무 화내지 마! 알겠지!) (cuối cùng thì chỉ là nói đùa thôi, nào, đừng có giận dữ như thế chứ.) akumademo jōdan dakara sa! son’nani okoru na yo! na? )


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